Oh, hi there. It′s been a while.

I′ve had somewhat of an unintended break from 3D, but fear not! I haven′t stepped away from it altogether. I have been busy working on a few different client projects of late (amongst other things) and there is one project in particular that I would love to share with you, but I′m not really allowed to talk about it just yet. More…

Gnomon Live Event

I attended Gnomon Live over the weekend for the second time and it did not disappoint. For those of you who may not know, it′s a 3 day (well, 2 and a half) program for artists in the game and film industries. Many presenters are former students of the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation in Los Angeles, often working or having worked for some very well known studios and are keen to share their knowledge on many aspects of both industries.

I had high expectations from the previous year and for the first half More…

Drawing Practice / Study

3d Artist

Finished this piece last night (yay for finishing something :D). I had something different in mind at first, but as usual, I change things up as I go along and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out More…

Pixel Art – Mini Course

2d Art

A short while back, I did a teensy course on pixel art with Lachlan Cartland (ramheadedgirl.tumblr.com). Pixel art is something I have always admired and appreciated; especially the time it takes to animate even the smallest movement. With so many other things to learn and do, I hadn′t really put the time into practicing and learning more about it and I thought this would be a good and quick way to at least get an overview of it.

This was also a great opportunity and excuse for me to look back on some of the games I grew up playing More…

Back into the swing of things

3d Artist

After a teensy break, I′m now getting back to my usual routine and I′ll be working on my Katana piece once again.

I wasn′t sure what approach I would take at first, but as I worked along I decided it was best to sculpt in the details; particularly for her outfit. More…

A Human Character (for once :P)

Base Mesh

I wanted to model / sculpt Katana (from DC Comics) since seeing her on an episode of Arrow. I liked the version of her character in the series and her appearance has stuck fairly close to the comic book version. I′m going to keep her looking more traditional as opposed to her ‘revamped’ Suicide Squad movie counterpart.

This was also a good excuse to model up a new female base mesh More…

Something New

Toad Character

For my next personal project, I′ve decided to pick up where I left off on an ‘old’ model I created almost a year ago. This toad fellow was originally designed and created for a platformer / sample level project and was one of three characters I worked on at the time. More…

Video Game Artists / Inspiration

So I do spend a fair bit of time browsing through other artists work in the biz (game art, sculpting etc…) and whether I′ve been gathering texture reference, art style reference or just having a browse through art folios, three character artists in particular keep popping up. More…

Alice in Wonderland piece – Update


With the retopologising, rigging and weight painting out of the way, I can now concentrate on more of the fun stuff like posing. Admittedly, I probably had a little too much fun with it and now have a whole bunch of poses More…

Alice in Wonderland Piece – Update


Retopology. Fun.

I have been working away on this pet project of mine between jobs and project work, so it′s definitely taking a long time as a result, but on the upside, the more tedious and time consuming parts are done. Namely retopology, rigging and weight painting. More…


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