ZBrush Tips, Tricks and Tutorials – Part 2

I′ve mentioned this talented fellow previously, but they definitely deserve another post (or multiple). Not only is Pablo a reaaaaaly great sculptor who knows zBrush inside and out, he′s more than keen to share what he knows, help and teach others. There is a pretty useful collection of tutorials, quick guides and videos available on his site zbrushguides.com/tutorials; both free and paid.

Pablo is insanely talented, so I′d recommend checking out some of his work while you′re there zbrushguides.com/work

As I now have a bunch of new software to play around with, I wanted a good overview of the new features of zBrush 4R8 and found just the thing zbrushguides.com/zbrush-4r8-is-out. Pablo was lucky enough to be a part of a Beta testing group with some fellow artists and it looks impressive overall. Even though I tend to do a lot of my sculpting fairly traditional–like there are quite a few recent additions that were much needed that I′m sure will vastly improve things and help speed up the sculpting process.

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