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For my next personal project, I′ve decided to pick up where I left off on an ‘old’ model I created almost a year ago. This toad fellow was originally designed and created for a platformer / sample level project and was one of three characters I worked on at the time. ‘He’ was going to act as a mode of transport to carry the player across certain areas that would otherwise be inaccessible but was later scrapped due to some issues implementing the character as intended and time restraints.

I kept it in the back of mind that I would probably re–purpose and use him as a folio piece. Plus he was already modeled, rigged and animated for the most part. I had stopped at the point where I was about to texture the character in order to move onto a different, more essential character for the project.

So I′ve only really just started the texturing process on this guy and I′m also taking this as an opportunity to learn 3D Coat at the same time. I′m really liking the program so far and it seems to have the best of both worlds, with both (what I think) are the best and handiest parts of ZBrush and Photoshop all in the one place! Although I′ve only really started to scratch the surface of what you can do. So here′s how the (rough) base colours are looking so far.

Toad Character

I′m especially happy to be just jumping into the texturing straight away and putting more time and focus into it than I would usually be able to, because I usually create characters from the concepting stage to implementing them in engine and occasionally set up character controllers also.

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