Drawing Practice / Study

Finished this piece last night (yay for finishing something :D). I had something different in mind at first, but as usual, I change things up as I go along and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

3d Artist
The Making of a ‘proper’ Cyborg
Watercolour ink on (sketch) paper

It′s been some time since I worked on a painted piece, but I do love and enjoy working with ink. For all its ‘annoyances’ and things that can go horribly wrong with it being so ‘final’ when you take ink to paper, you can achieve some beautiful effects, which I would struggle to replicate digitally.

Without the intention of taking this very far or spending too much time on it, I did use plain old sketch paper. This of course brings its own issues and isn′t ideal, so my next watercolour piece will definitely be on proper paper; even if it is for practice.

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