Professionally Presenting Portfolio Work

Today I sat in on a presentation from a character artist by the name of Pablo Gomez. He predominantly sculpts and paints his characters in ZBrush and it was quite interesting to see his process and techniques through a live demo. The talk went for around 2 and a half hours and by the end of it, he had what I thought was a pretty good rough bust of a fish type creature, with a few alternate options and a final presentation render.

Part of his talk focused on BPR Rendering, how to obtain better lighting results for your renders in ZBrush, how to work with rendered layers in Photoshop and how to add some final adjustments and additional lighting tweaks to bring the best out of your work.

I learned a bunch and will be sure to apply some of this techniques to my own work. To have a looksie at his work, visit There are a bunch of great tutorials on there also.

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