Alice in Wonderland piece – Update

With the retopologising, rigging and weight painting out of the way, I can now concentrate on more of the fun stuff like posing. Admittedly, I probably had a little too much fun with it and now have a whole bunch of poses and a slight problem in choosing which ones I like best.


I referenced the original illustrations once more as there are some particularly great poses. I did of course still have a play around with and change them up a bit, as they had to be adapted to 3D.

This will probably be my last update on this piece for a while. I do plan on re–visiting it at a later stage, but I think it′s at a point where I can call it done for the time being and move onto some other projects on my ‘to do’ list.

The characters will eventually be placed in a static storybook type of scene/s in either Unity or Unreal and possibly with animated playable characters in a small demo scene later down the track.

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