Alice in Wonderland Piece – Update

Retopology. Fun.

I have been working away on this pet project of mine between jobs and project work, so it′s definitely taking a long time as a result, but on the upside, the more tedious and time consuming parts are done. Namely retopology, rigging and weight painting. All five models are now game engine and animation ready (yay!).


Going through the rigging process for all the characters went pretty smoothly overall, with few issues, considering it included two humans, two animals (bird and quadruped) and one anthropomorphic character. I did have some help though and used a great piece of software / add–on / plugin with Maya called Advanced Skeleton. It has some pretty amazing features, although it did take quite some time as I had to customise a few aspects of each rig and touch up the skin weights manually.


That being said I was pretty finicky with this as I plan on animating the characters at a later stage.

You can visit or for some handy videos and to see what you can do with Advanced Skeleton.

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  1. Imran says:


    I was looking for Alice in Wonderland rabbit model and by Google I found your’s and nicely clean models you did.

    I am giving a proposal to client with Alice in Wonderland theme, and placing rabbit along other object. Would you like to share you rabbit model or if you wanna sell it…?


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